Unearthing 1985s Nightmares: Exploring V/H/S/85 (2023)

Unearthing 1985s Nightmares: Exploring V/H/S/85 (2023)

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In the ever-evolving landscape of horror cinema, the anthology film “V/H/S/85” stands as a captivating testament to the enduring allure of the 1985s. Unveiled through an ominous broadcast, this anthology weaves together five tales that plunge viewers into the forgotten nightmares of the iconic era. From disaster recovery crews invoking ancient gods to lakes resurrecting the dead, “V/H/S/85” promises a hair-raising journey into the grim underbelly of ’85s horror.

The Anthology Format: A Cinematic Time Capsule

Diverse Horror Narratives: Unraveling the Tales

In “V/H/S/85,” the anthology format becomes a canvas for a range of horror narratives, each distinct in its approach and thematic elements. From a disaster recovery crew stumbling upon ancient malevolence to a lake with the power to resurrect the dead, the film weaves together disparate stories, showcasing the versatility of the horror genre. This diversity not only keeps the audience on the edge of their seats but also ensures that the film appeals to a broad spectrum of horror enthusiasts.

Homage to ’85s Horror: A Nostalgic Journey

Set against the backdrop of the 1985s, “V/H/S/85” serves as a nostalgic journey for viewers, invoking the spirit of the horror classics from that era. The anthology’s unique storytelling approach, combined with the unmistakable aesthetic of ’85s cinematography, pays homage to the golden age of horror. From practical effects to the analogue allure of videotapes, the film meticulously recreates the atmosphere of a bygone era, providing both a thrilling narrative and a visual feast for fans of vintage horror.

A Disaster Recovery Crew Unleashing Ancient Wrath

One of the tales unfolds as a disaster recovery crew inadvertently becomes the harbinger of ancient wrath. This storyline taps into the visceral fear of unseen forces and the consequences of meddling with the unknown. As the crew grapples with supernatural repercussions, viewers are taken on a suspenseful ride that harkens back to classic horror tropes.

A Lake that Defies Death

The anthology introduces a tale in which a seemingly serene lake becomes a conduit for defying death itself. The resurrection of the dead adds an element of the supernatural, reminiscent of ’85s horror motifs that often explored the thin boundary between life and death. This story promises not just scares but a deep dive into the eerie and otherworldly.

Performance Art Meeting Otherworldly Entities

In a departure from the mundane, “V/H/S/85” explores a narrative where performance art transcends the boundaries of reality. Contact with otherworldly entities through artistic expression blurs the lines between the tangible and the unknown. This tale delves into the psychological realm, offering a unique perspective on horror that goes beyond the visceral.

All-Guns-Out Undead Bloodbath

For enthusiasts of action-packed horror, “V/H/S/85” features a tale that unleashes an all-guns-out undead bloodbath. This segment promises relentless thrills and spills, combining the visceral horror of the undead with the high-octane action that defined many ’85s classics. It’s a nostalgic nod to the era’s unapologetic approach to horror.

A Disturbing Vision of Videotaped Murders

Voyeuristic Horror: Unveiling the Dark Side of Surveillance

The segment in “V/H/S/85” that delves into videotaped murders brings forth the concept of voyeuristic horror, a theme deeply rooted in the psychological fears of invasion of privacy. This narrative explores the unsettling fascination with observing violence from a distance, a theme that has intrigued and horrified audiences throughout cinematic history. By weaving this element into the anthology, the film taps into the psychological unease associated with surveillance and the blurring lines between the real and the imagined.

The culmination of Themes: Connecting Threads of Terror

As the anthology culminates in the vision of videotaped murders, it acts as the connective tissue, intertwining the various threads of terror explored in earlier segments. This narrative choice elevates the film beyond a mere collection of horror stories, creating a cohesive and resonant experience for the audience. The disturbing visions presented in this final act serve as a reflection of the overarching themes of dread, unease, and the macabre that have been carefully threaded throughout the anthology, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.


“V/H/S/85” emerges as a love letter to the horror legacy of the 1985s, offering a nostalgic yet fresh take on the genre. With its anthology format and a diverse array of tales, it pays homage to the classics while injecting contemporary storytelling nuances. As viewers embark on this ominous broadcast, they are invited to unearth forgotten nightmares and experience the thrill of ’85s horror in a new and spine-chilling light.


What is the premise of V/H/S/85 2023, and why is it set in the 1985s?

V/H/S/85 unfolds through an ominous broadcast, delving into forgotten nightmares of the 1985s. The choice of this era adds a nostalgic and atmospheric element. setting the stage for a chilling anthology of horror tales.

How does the disaster recovery crew storyline contribute to the overall narrative?

One of the tales in V/H/S/85 involves a disaster recovery crew unleashing the wrath of an ancient god. This storyline adds a supernatural and apocalyptic dimension to the anthology. Offering viewers a unique blend of horror and disaster themes.

Can you elaborate on the lake that brings the dead back to life in V/H/S/85 2023?

Another intriguing tale in the anthology revolves around a lake with the supernatural ability to bring the dead back to life. This storyline explores themes of resurrection and the supernatural, adding a macabre twist to the horrors of the 1985s.

What role does performance art play in making contact with a creature from beyond in V/H/S/85 2023?

V/H/S/85 includes a tale where performance art becomes a conduit for making contact with a creature from beyond. This storyline blends elements of psychological horror with the avant-garde, offering a unique and unsettling narrative.

How does V/H/S/85 2023 balance different horror sub-genres within its anthology format?

The anthology format of V/H/S/85 allows it to balance various horror sub-genres seamlessly. From supernatural encounters to undead bloodbaths and disturbing visions of videotaped murders,. The film promises a diverse and spine-chilling exploration of horror themes from the 1985s.