the dark mages return to enlistment chapter 10

the dark mages return to enlistment chapter 10

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the dark mages return to enlistment chapter 10

It was very exciting in Aethel’s busy selection square. Both new warriors and experienced ones were holding their breath while they waited for their orders. The dark mages return to enlistment chapter 10 The air was filled with excitement, and everyone was eager to show how valuable they were to their land. In the middle of all the noise, though, there was a sudden silence as a figure walked out into the square and cast a long shadow over it.

Alyndra’s Arrival

The crowd of new fighters and experienced ones were both shocked. When Alyndra came back to the selection square of Aethel. She wore ominous black clothes that seemed to swallow up the light around her. She caught everyone’s attention and made them feel uneasy. There were whispers in the crowd as everyone looked at the mysterious figure. They were all interested in her sudden return after years of absence.

The Demonic Threat

Alyndra advanced confidently, her voice reverberating with an ominous force as she forewarned of the imminent demonic peril. With great significance, she depicted the seismic activity and the faint sounds carried by the air. Indicating the return of darkness that posed a serious threat to Aethel. The weightiness of her declaration lingered in the atmosphere. This instilled a feeling of uneasiness and worry in the individuals who were there.

Elara’s Resistance

Although Alyndra issued a grave warning, not everyone readily embraced the remedy she proposed. Elara, a passionate and audacious sorceress, expressed her skepticism on the effectiveness of dark magic in countering the demonic menace. She fervently advocated for the potency of light magic and the prowess of the paladins and mages in safeguarding Aethel. Igniting an animated discussion among the assembled audience.

Captain Gareth’s Concern

Captain Gareth, a stern knight with a head full of silver hair, was skeptical when he talked to Alyndra. He asked her why she was going back to Aethel after so long. And his face showed that he was both wary and suspicious. Since Gareth was a seasoned warrior and was in charge of protecting the kingdom. His doubts put a shadow over Alyndra’s scary warning, making him want to know more before making any decisions.


Gareth’s Dilemma

Captain Gareth was split between doubt and desperation as he asked Alyndra for proof of the return of the demons. The terrifying things she did left no room for question, and the images she used will stay with everyone who saw them. The choice Gareth had to make was very hard for him because he felt he had to protect Aethel but also didn’t trust Alyndra’s dark magic.

Lucius’s Support

Common Lucius, an experienced fighter with a scarred face and a grizzled beard, spoke up in favor of Alyndra’s idea in the middle of the argument. Even though Lucius knew that her magic had caused chaos in the past, he also knew that desperate measures had to be taken in these dire situations. He told his fellow warriors to put their worries aside and use dark magic as a defense. His unwavering backing gave Alyndra more weight, tipping the scales in favor of those who saw dark magic as their only defense against the darkness that was closing in.

Preparations for Battle

The dark mages return to Enlistment chapter 10 When things got really tense in the selection square, the initiates had to make a tough choice: they could either accept the darkness or hold on to the light even though bad things were about to happen. Each person carefully considered their choices, thinking about the risks and outcomes of each choice as they got ready to do their part in the fight against the forces of darkness. After the choice was made to use dark magic as a weapon against the demon threat, real battle preparations started.

Training and Fortification

Paladins, knights, witches, and sorceresses all trained hard, improving their skills and making their defences stronger in preparation for the coming battle. Protective walls were built, spells were practiced, and plans were made as the kingdom of Aethel got ready for the attack. Weapons clashed and magic spells went off all around as the warriors of Aethel got ready for the final test of their bravery and determination.

The Eve of War the dark mages return to enlistment chapter 10

As the day of judgment got closer, Aethel was on the verge of war, ready to take on its biggest problem yet. The land was in a sad mood on the eve of battle. But there was a spark of hope among all the fear. The warriors of Aethel were united in their goal and determination, and they were ready to face the darkness that threatened to consume their land. Their spirits were strong even when things went wrong. They waited for dawn with steel in their hearts and blades ready to protect their kingdom against the evil that was coming.


Around the time of reckoning, Aethel was almost at war and ready for its biggest task yet. Dark clouds covered the land on the eve of battle, but there was a glimmer of hope among the fear. With a single goal and strong determination, the warriors of Aethel were ready to face the darkness that threatened to consume their realm. Their spirits were unshaken by hardship. As the sun came up, they waited with their hearts set on protecting their country from the evil that was coming.

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Why did Alyndra return to Aethel after years of absence?

Alyndra returned to warn of the impending demonic threat endangering the kingdom.

What prompted the debate between dark and light magic?

Alyndra’s proposal to use dark magic sparked a debate, with some advocating for light magic’s strength.

How did Captain Gareth reconcile his skepticism with the looming threat?

Gareth accepted the necessity of dark magic after witnessing the gravity of the demonic resurgence.

What preparations were made for the impending battle?

Warriors trained rigorously, fortified defenses, and practiced spells.

How did the people of Aethel approach the imminent war?

The people of Aethel stood ready and determined to confront the looming darkness.