DarkTide Chat Not Working: Troubleshooting Guide

DarkTide Chat Not Working: Troubleshooting Guide

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darktide chat not working

Dark Tide, the popular cooperative first-person shooter developed by Fatshark, has gained a substantial following since its release. However, players have reported issues with the in-game chat system not working, which can significantly hinder communication and coordination among teammates. This article provides a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help resolve the “Darktide chat not working” issue.

Understanding the Problem (darktide chat not working)

Effective communication through both voice and text chat is crucial in Dark Tide for coordinating with teammates, especially during missions. Issues with the chat system can manifest as:

  • Inability to send or receive messages.
  • Delayed message delivery.
  • Messages not appearing in the chat window.
  • Voice chat is not working or is inaudible.
darktide chat not working

Common Causes

Several factors can cause the chat system in Dark Tide to malfunction:

  • Network Issues: Slow or unstable internet connections can disrupt chat functionality, leading to packet loss or high latency. Symptoms include delayed responses, intermittent sound filled with static, or complete failures in transmitting voice.
  • Headset or Microphone Problems: Faulty or improperly configured audio devices can prevent clear communication. You might notice a delay in sound where the other party responds to your previous sentence with a noticeable lag.
  • Software Glitches: Bugs within the game or compatibility issues with your system’s audio settings can cause chat malfunctions. This includes issues where the first sentence is not heard but subsequent sentences trigger responses or sound quality is compromised.
  • Settings Misconfiguration: Incorrect game or system settings can disable or restrict chat functionality.
  • Third-Party Software Interference: Applications like firewalls, antivirus programs, or overlays (e.g., Discord, Steam) may block or interfere with the chat system.

How to Fix Darktide Chat Not Working

  • Step 1: Launch Warhammer 40K: Darktide.
  • Step 2: Access the main menu and navigate to “Options” and then “Audio Settings.”
  • Step 3: Ensure the correct audio output and input devices are selected. Adjust the microphone sensitivity if necessary

Troubleshooting Steps

Check Server Status

Ensure that the issue is not related to Dark Tide’s servers:

  • Visit the official Dark Tide website or social media channels for any announcements regarding server maintenance or outages.
  • Check community forums or platforms like Reddit to see if other players are experiencing similar issues.

Verify Network Connection

A stable internet connection is essential for the chat system to function correctly:

  • Restart Your Router: Power cycling your router can resolve many connectivity issues.
  • Check Connection Speed: Use online tools to test your internet speed and ensure it meets the game’s requirements.
  • Wired Connection: If possible, use a wired Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi to reduce latency and packet loss.

Update the Game

Ensure that you are running the latest version of Dark Tide:

  • Automatic Updates: Check if the game is set to update automatically. If not, manually update it through the platform you are using (Steam, Game Pass, etc.).
  • Patch Notes: Review recent patch notes to see if any updates address the chat issue.


Adjust Game and System Settings

Review and adjust settings both in-game and on your system:

  • In-Game Settings:
    • Open the settings menu and navigate to the audio options or chat section.
    • Ensure that the chat feature is enabled.
    • Adjust volume settings for voice chat.
  • System Settings:
    • For Windows 10 users, check the sound settings to ensure the correct input and output devices are selected.
    • Verify that your microphone and speakers are working properly.
darktide chat not working

Check for Third-Party Software Interference

Other applications can sometimes interfere with Dark Tide’s chat functionality.

  • Antivirus/Firewall: Temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall software to see if they are blocking the chat system.
  • Overlays: Disable overlays from programs like Discord, Steam, or Nvidia GeForce Experience, as they can sometimes cause conflicts.

Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions work, consider reinstalling Dark Tide:

  • Backup Saves: Ensure you back up any important game saves or settings.
  • Uninstall: Completely uninstall the game from your system.
  • Reinstall: Download and install the latest version of the game from your preferred platform.

Check Game Logs

Reviewing the darktide_launcher.log can provide insights into what might be causing the chat issues:

  • Locate the darktide_launcher.log file in the game’s installation directory.
  • Look for any error code or unusual entries that could indicate a problem.
  • Upload the log to forums or support tickets when seeking help from the community or technical support.

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Contact Support

If the issue persists, reach out to Fatshark’s customer support for assistance:

  • Submit a Ticket: Provide detailed information about the issue, including any troubleshooting steps you have already taken.
  • Community Forums: Engage with other players and support staff on official forums or community boards.

Preventive Measures

To avoid future issues with Dark Tide’s chat system, consider the following preventive measures:

  • Regular Updates: Keep the game and your system software updated.
  • Stable Internet Connection: Maintain a reliable and fast internet connection.
  • Routine Maintenance: Regularly check and optimize your system settings and network configurations.



Communication is vital in a cooperative game like Dark Tide, and having a non-functional chat system can be frustrating. By following this troubleshooting guide, you can identify and resolve common issues that may cause the “Darktide chat not working” problem. Remember, if all else fails, contacting customer support is always a viable option to get specialized help. Happy gaming!


Why is my voice chat not working in Dark Tide?

Voice chat may not work due to network issues, faulty audio devices, or interference from third-party software. Ensure a stable internet connection, and proper audio device configuration, and disable interfering software.

How can I fix delayed messages in Dark Tide’s chat?

Delayed messages can be caused by network issues or server problems. Restart your router, use a wired connection, and check for server status updates.

What should I do if my microphone is not working in Darktide?

Check your system’s sound settings and select the correct input device. Enable voice chat in-game and update your audio drivers if needed.

Why do I experience intermittent sound or static in darktide chat not working?

Intermittent sound or static is usually caused by network issues, faulty audio equipment, or software glitches. Ensure a stable internet connection, and check your headset or microphone.

How do I access and review the darktide_launcher.log for chat issues?

Locate the darktide_launcher.log file in the game’s installation directory. Open the file and look for error codes or unusual entries related to chat functionality.