Barnacle SEO: The Top 5 Techniques to Score High Rankings

Barnacle SEO: The Top 5 Techniques to Score High Rankings

Ali Abbas

Barnacle SEO

Are you looking for ways to boost your website traffic and drive more leads and revenue for your business? If so, you might want to learn a bit about Barnacle SEO. It is the art of attaching one website to other high-authority websites to improve your own search engine rankings.

But how do you do that, you ask? Use these top 5 techniques that the best SEO agencies in Melbourne

Barnacle SEO vs. Traditional SEO

Barnacle SEO requires a different approach to keyword research compared to traditional SEO. In traditional SEO, you focus on search terms with low keyword difficulty (indicating how tough it is to rank for a term). This often means avoiding terms with high search volumes.

Why? — Because most don’t want to waste time and resources targeting keywords that are hard to rank for due to your site’s lower authority compared to competitors. But the best SEO agencies in Melbourne think differently. They aim for competitive keywords that typically can’t rank directly and leverage the authority of other high-ranking websites.

For instance, small business owners often use Barnacle SEO with local business listings like Yelp and Tripadvisor. These platforms have high authority and significant search presence, allowing a small business to improve visibility by creating profiles on these sites.

6 Barnacle SEO Techniques

Optimise Google Business Profile and Other Listing Websites

Enhancing your Google Business Profile and listings on other directories can significantly increase your brand’s visibility, especially for local businesses. You likely already know the best websites for Barnacle SEO, such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Angi, or G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius for software businesses.

If you’re unsure where to create a profile, perform a Google search to identify the top-ranking sites for your target keywords. For instance, if you own a plumbing business in Seattle, searching “plumber Seattle” will show Google Business Profiles first, followed by a business website and Yelp.

This indicates your priorities should be setting up your Google Business Profile and Yelp listing. However, there are many other directories where you can list your business to reach more potential customers.

Reach Out to Top-Ranking Websites

Another Barnacle SEO strategy involves contacting high-ranking websites for your target keywords and requesting them to feature your company in their content. But first, you need to identify competitive search terms for Barnacle SEO. Then, find details about the term’s search volume and difficulty.

For instance, if you’ve launched an SMS platform in Australia., your new website might struggle to rank for a competitive term like “best SMS marketing platform. If G2 is the top result, you can apply the earlier advice to leverage this listing site. You could contact the author to see if they would include your platform on that page, gaining you a mention and potentially a link.

Submit Guest Posts to Authoritative Websites

Guest blogging is a popular Barnacle SEO strategy that allows you to gain visibility as an expert author on a well-known site, helping you reach a broader audience and potentially drive referral traffic.

To find relevant sites for guest posting, perform a Google search with a keyword related to your industry combined with phrases like “Guest post,” “Guest blogging,” “Write for us,” or “Become a contributor.”

For example, searching for “marketing automation + guest post” will yield results for websites that accept guest blogging submissions.

After identifying suitable websites, the best SEO agencies in Melbourne follow these three steps:

  • Review their guest posting guidelines
  • Read previous guest posts to understand the type of content they publish
  • Develop an original and insightful post idea that will be valuable to their readers

Pitch Your Expertise to Journalists

Journalists and writers often seek experts to feature in their articles, and being one of those experts allows you to leverage the authority of larger publications.

If your quote gets published, it typically includes a link to your website. This can enhance brand awareness and drive referral traffic to your site. Platforms like Connectively and Help a B2B Writer are great for finding opportunities to pitch your expertise.

Keep in mind that writers may receive dozens of pitches for a single article. So, the best SEO agencies in Melbourne increase their chances of being featured by keeping the pitch brief, following the writer’s guidelines, and clearly explaining why they are qualified to speak on the topic. 


Build a Social Media Presence

Social media platforms like Pinterest and TikTok have become valuable search engines, offering significant potential for referral traffic. This is particularly beneficial for new websites that lack the authority to rank highly on Google.

However, when selecting social media platforms for Barnacle SEO, the best SEO agencies in Melbourne consider where the target audience spends their time. Then, focus efforts on one or two platforms where the audience is most active rather than spreading yourself too thin across multiple sites.

Final Word:

Barnacle SEO is a powerful tool for small businesses to expand their reach. By strategically positioning your brand on authoritative websites, you can quickly boost awareness and drive growth, making it an essential practice for enhancing your online presence and achieving business success.

However, we understand if you feel you need more guidance. Contact Make My Website—one of the best SEO agencies in Melbourne. Good luck!